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Reviews : ASUS X005 Pegasus 5000mAh 3+16GB 4G LTE Dual Sim Android 5.1 Octa Core 5.5 inch FHD 5+13MP Smartphone White[13145]

  • Q:
    dual sim   
    Jun 24 , 2016
    Does this phone sypport 2 sim cards and one micro sd the same time or supports only one sim and micro sd the same time?
    by Tasos
    It supports sim 1 + sim 2, or sim 1 + micro sd. Thanks
  • Q:
    Dual Active LTE?    
    Mar 07 , 2016
    I am looking at the ASUS X005 Pegasus 5000mAh 3 16GB 4G LTE Dual Sim Full Active Android 5.1 Octa Core 5.5 inch FHD 5 13MP Smartphone White#13145:

    Is this phone dual active LTE? it says so on your page but i cant find the specs to match elsewhere. Please reply. Thx
    by ben
    ASUS official website said it is dual sim full active. But we don't think so.
    We think it just is dual sim dual standby.
    You can find Full active phones from here: http://www.etotalk.com/Wholesale-dual-sim-full-active_c1108
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