Reviews : ASUS Zenfone 2 4+32GB 4G LTE Dual SIM Full Active Android 5.0 Lollipop Intel Z3560 CPU 1.8GHz 5.5 inch FHD 5+13MP ZE551ML DSFA Silver[7507]

  • Q:
    what is the exact specif.   
    Apr 16 , 2015
    what is the exact RAM & processor speed, because there is some differences in what written
    by Ashoush
    ASUS declare it is 4GB RAM. Thanks
  • Q:
    Which version is available now   
    Apr 15 , 2015
    Which version of this phone do you have available ?
    Z3580/4GB RAM/32GB storage ? If so what FDD-LTE bands does it support ?
    by Norbert
    It is new model. We will check it later. Thanks
  • Q:
    Initial information   
    Mar 02 , 2015
    do you have already preliminary information about Asus Zenfone 2 which you will sell like:
    1. March 9th ia the phone launch date in Taiwan. Will it be available in China then as well?
    2. Among other options you specified that the phone may be delivered bootloader unlocked and rooted? Is this an assumption or you know already that you can provide both options?
    3. On the producer's website the LTE specs are indicated vaguely. Do you know what LTE bands will have the phone you are selling? Or better do you expect that LTE bands will be strictly limited regarding the aimed territory? Or more international variants will be also available?
    Thank you.
    by Ivan
    1. If it is available, we will sell it soon.
    2. We need to develop bootloader unlock and root.
    3. We will sell FDD-LTE.
  • Q:
    Dsfa? Multilanguage italian   
    Feb 15 , 2015
    Salve, 猫 un DSFA? Leggo inoltre dal sito che il terminale dispone del multilingua: 猫 necessario etotalk rom?
    by Riccardo
    It is dual sim dual standby.
    Etotalk mod rom has Italian language.
    If you want DSFA phones, please refer to here:
  • Q:
    Release Date?   
    Jan 13 , 2015
    Hey everybody!
    When will the Phone be released and can be bought here?
    by Ole
    We will post news on our facebook when it is ready.
    Please add our facebook for the latest news.
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