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Reviews : CARVUN AT200 1080P Full HD Sport DVR Waterproof Sports Action Camera[6461]

  • Q:
    AT200 firmware   
    Nov 17 , 2015
    is possible to get a firmware to this camera? A have same problems with settup of parametrs of video.Every time when i turn on the camera, I must all my parametrs as video size, quality, stabilizator, ... settup again. Pleas help me. Thanks. Radek
    by Radek
    If you bought from us, please kindly contact customer service: Sales@etotalk.com and tell them your order number. You will get a further assistance. Thanks
  • Q:
    difference with SJ4000   
    Oct 07 , 2014
    what is the difference between this camera and the model SJ4000 ? just the fact that this is wifi ? or also the definition is different ?
    by Tinti
    Please kindly contact our email: sales@etotalk.com to get more information
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