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Reviews : Discovery V6-M Android 4.2 Dual Core 1.3GHz Dual Sim 3.97 inch WVGA 5.0MP Smartphone[6200]

  • Q:
    Land Rover Discovery V6    
    Apr 30 , 2015
    Hello, From where i can get your Etotalk Mod ROM for that phone ?. I want to use Bulgarian language, which is not included in the official rom.
    Thank you.

    by Kiril
    Etotalk mod rom of this phone is only for pre-install before shipment. Thanks
  • Q:
    not turning on   
    Apr 01 , 2015
    I've ordered this phone as present for my father birthday. It arrived the 10 th of march. I gave it to my dad, he was so happy! he putted his sim inside, it turned on once then never again. Can you give me some support? It is just not normal.
    by Viola
    About repair question, please kindly contact customer service: Aftersales@etotalk.com and tell them your order number. You will get assistance. Thanks
  • Q:
    Jan 04 , 2015
    is there a greek language menu for this phone???
    im asking this becaouse etotalk mod rom is not available... will i be able to download apps when in greece?
    Does etotalk mod rom includes anything else beside the multi-language think?
    thank you in advance

    im also into buying http://www.etotalk.com/thl-t6s-free-dhl_p7113.html
    what should i chose for greek language and being able to download apps in greece?
    thanks alot in advance,
    im looking forward to your reply!
    by George
    Yes, the phone should have Greece language.

    As long as you select the etotalk mod rom, we can install Greece language for the phone.
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