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Reviews : Display Digiterzer LCD for Lenovo A820[4485]

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    Details for LCD Display   
    Oct 06 , 2014

    Could you give some info about the LCD Display? I'm interested if it's the same with the one that is mounted originally on the phone, because I want it to be a genuine IPS LCD pannel. I've found several other screens on internet but I want to buy it from the store I trust, Etotalk. Could you confirm if it's the same as original regarding what I mentioned above?

    Thanks in advance
    by Bogdan
    Thanks for your support
    It is the original screen of A820
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    Detail for: Display Digiterzer LCD for Lenovo A820 #4485   
    Mar 10 , 2014
    Gent. Etotalk,
    could you confirm your product "Display Digiterzer LCD for Lenovo A820 #4485" is the complete set LCD+Touch screen for the Lenovo A820?

    Thank you, Paolo
    by Paolo
    It is LCD.
    Touch Screen: http://www.etotalk.com/touch-screen-for-lenovo-a820_p4486.html
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