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Reviews : Huawei Honor 8 4+64GB FRD-AL10 4G LTE Dual Sim Full Active Android 6.0 Octa Core 2.3GHz 5.2 inch FHD Dual Camera - Blue[14542]

  • Q:
    Honor 8   
    Jun 26 , 2017
    Buenos dA璦s el costo en pesos mexicanos ya con envA璷 cuanto serA璦 al cp 48970 MA﹛ico
    by Mauricio Soto
    We can ship to Mexico by DHL, fast and safe, only 3-7 day, costs 3.99 USD
  • Q:
    Honor 8 or Huawei P9   
    Jun 23 , 2017
    I purchased honor 7 dual sim 64 gb last year from you.that was amazing phone.special feature was that honor 7 has dual sim full dual active phone means if I am on sim 1 then I can also attend call on sim 2 means no busy tone like samsung phones.
    Now my question is that I want to buy honor 8 64gb from you.does honour 8 64gb has the same dual sim full dual active feature like honor 7.

    Also I am confused between honor 8 and huawei p9.
    But remember my query I want only dual sim full active phone.
    What you suggest sir?
    So that I can give my order
    by Prabhjot Singh
    The honor 8 and huawei p9 both are supports dual sim full active.
    Or you can consider to the huawei p9, it supports Dual Leica Camera, thanks
  • Q:
    Honor 8 64gb   
    Dec 02 , 2016
    Wie hoch sind die versandkosten nach Deutschland. wie hoch sind die zollgebA糷ren ?
    by Marek
    Airmail Post, 15.99 USD, about 15-45 business days for delivery.
    DHL CN, ship from China, 19.99 USD, about 2-7 business days for delivery.
    Tax free shipping, no customs tax, 19.99 USD, about 7-15 business days for delivery.
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