Reviews : Huawei Honor 9 6+64GB Dual Sim Android 7.0 Octa Core 2.4GHz 5.15 inch FHD 20.0+12.0MP Dual Camera - Blue[16593]

  • Q:
    model variant   
    Nov 02 , 2017
    Which model variant is this?
    STF-L09, STF-AL00, STF-AL10 or STF-TL10
    by jorge
    Huawei Honor 9 6+64GB model variant is STF-AL10.
  • Q:
    Sep 19 , 2017
    Hola quA tal pregunto en quA precio queda el celular si en pesos mexicanos
    by Marcos vargas
    The phone costs 469.99 USD, about 8404.83 MX, thanks
  • Q:
    Honor 9 rooted?   
    Sep 13 , 2017
    does the Mod ROM for this specific phone include rooting? I am looking for a phone that gets delivered rooted. Thanks! Katrin
    by Katrin
    Sorry, the mod rom only supports multi language and google play store without rooted, thanks
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