Reviews : Huawei Honor V8 4+64GB 4G LTE Dual Sim Full Active Android 6.0 2.5GHz CPU 5.7 inch 2K Display Dual Camera 12MP Gray[14185]

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    Shipping costs for Romania Honor V8   
    Oct 23 , 2017
    Please tell me what are the shipping costs for Romania. I would like to buy Huawei Honor V8 4 64GB 4G LTE Dual Sim Full Active Android 6.0 2.5GHz CPU 5.7 inch 2K Display Dual Camera 12MP Gray#14185.
    Thank you!
    by Sandoi Nicoleta
    We can ship by DHL, fast and safe, normally takes 5-10 days,only 28.99 USD.
    You just need to place order and select your favorite payment method and shipping method.
    During your check out, the system will show you all the payment details.
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    Honor V8 Full active dual sim?   
    Nov 24 , 2016
    Reviews show the Honor V8 as dual sim standby, your site shows it as full active... Which is it? If not, which phones have full active? Thank you
    by Benji
    It is dual sim full active.
    What are Dual Standby and full Active?
    Dual Standby: It simply means that your mobile will be in connection with both mobile service providers at the same time and you can either place or receive a call on either of the mobile numbers. But, as you are busy with one number, the other number goes "Not reachable" .
    Full Active: Your calling party will never hear "Not reachable" message if he calls you on second mobile number when you are busy on talking on first number. He will be just on "waiting" that time ....
  • Q:
    Honor v8   
    Nov 11 , 2016 I would ask.if this product is in stock, if you send in Greece, if you have shipping cost for this phone, if you will send me with official EU fast charger, where is the warehouse, I prefer EU. thanks in advance
    by George
    Sorry, gray is out of stock. What about gold color? Thanks
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