Reviews : Lenovo P780 Etotalk MOD ROM Multi Language Google Play[4990]

  • Q:
    Lenovo P780 mod rom    
    Apr 27 , 2015
    Concerning the mod rom. Which version is the one mentioned?
    by Anna Goula
    It is S135. Thanks
  • Q:
    Oct 13 , 2014
    Is it android 4.3?
    by p
    It is android 4.2.2
  • Q:
    Lenovo P780 mod rom   
    Mar 27 , 2014
    Dear Eto talk,
    i would like to buy a mod rom.
    i got a phone, a lenovo P780, and i would like to install your software.
    1. how can i get your software, after paying?
    2. will be my phone rooted?
    3. is there any kind of instructions for installing your mod rom?

    waiting for your answers,

    by Kov谩cs
    1. We will send it via email.
    2. Etotalk mod rom includes root.
    3. Yes.
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