Reviews : Lenovo S60w 2+8GB 4G LTE Dual Sim Android 4.4 Quad Core 5.0 inch HD 5+13MP Smartphone Pink[14027]

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    Dec 02 , 2016
    I can't register with my email address
    by andy
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    Jul 17 , 2016
    I am interested by lenovo s60. Is that phone China version or European. I am from Bulgaria and I am asking whether it will work properly . Last phone which I bought from China was lenovo s860. 3G doesn't work and the firmware was terrible and I can't found any apropriate custom rom. (4G LTE in Bulgaria is 1800 MHz). What does it mean Etotalk Mod ROM( $4.99) and Send it as a Gift( $1.99). Is it posible to declare lower price to avoid extra taxes.
    Best regards
    by Borislav Minkov
    It is China version. But we has ETOtalk mod ROM. It has multi language menus and google play store.
    We can declare lower price.
    We do not suggest you buy Lenovo phones again because your country cannot use Lenovo S860 3G.
    We recommend you Xiaomi and LeTV phones.
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