Reviews : Lenovo VIBE Shot Z90-3 3+16GB 4G LTE Dual Sim Android 5.0 Octa Core 1.7GHz 5.0 inch FHD 8+16MP White[13767]

  • Q:
    4G 800MHz   
    Jul 31 , 2016
    Has Lenovo VIBE Shot Z90-3 for LTE 4G 800MHz as it is written?
    I want to buy this smartphone so it needs to be verified. Well thank you.
    by Eva
    No, it does not have. Thanks
  • Q:
    Version 90-3   
    Apr 23 , 2016
    Hello. Can I ask what is the differnce between version 90-7 and 90-3. Only smaller internal storage? On som web pages I found that version 90-3 does not support europan lte frequencies. Thanks in advance for answer.
    by Kadison
    Only internal storage.
    Please choose etotalk mod rom. Then it can work in European LTE frequencies. Thanks
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