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    OLEY H2 LED   
    Apr 07 , 2014
    Hello, is possible with Italian Language ?
    by Franciotti
    Yes, there is Italian Language. Thanks
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    Oley H2 led   
    Feb 09 , 2014
    Does this product can be shipped in gift box to Slovakia (Slovak Republic)? If I order this product, can be it shipped by FREE DHL to Slovakia???

    Thank You for Yours answers.
    by Gabria
    We can help you declare a lower price, for example, like 25 USD so that you can lower the chance of being taxed.
    Send it as a gift is another plus to assist avoiding the customs and tax.
    Just kindly select send it as a gift and/or leave us a note to remind us your declared value upon your order confirmation.
    With our low declared value method, the tax chance is very low. 100 customers, only 2~3 have to pay tax.
    Sorry, the correct balance is 60 USD for DHL.
  • Q:
    Oley H2 Led   
    Jan 16 , 2014

    Oley H2 Led Projector free DHL HD DVB-T Digital TV Projector:

    Does the projector connect to TV arial in UK where TV transmission are digital? And does DVB-T show Freeview channels in UK?

    Thank you in advance

    Eugen Herman
    by herman
    It can work in UK. Thanks
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