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Reviews : OPPO R11 4+64GB Dual Sim Android 7.1 Octa Core 2.2GHz 5.5 inch FHD 20.0+16.0MP Dual Camera - Rose Gold[16428]

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    When I can place order for this device?   
    Jun 13 , 2017
    1.when I can place order for this device?
    2. Atleast update your page with correct oppo R11 pics as it is a dual cam phone on the back and you still showing old oppo model even it was launched and showcased. How can you do this beaing a responsible and reputed seller. Please update the info i.e. diemension battery etc as they are available everywhere and pics too.
    by Aarish Malik
    Don't worry, because of the phone is presale now that we still not upload the latest picture for it.
    Our colleague correct it soon.
    We will post news on our facebook when it is ready.
    Please add our facebook for the latest news.