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Reviews : Samsung A9000 Galaxy A9(2016) 3+32GB 4G LTE Dual Sim Android 5.1 Octa Core 6.0 inch FHD 8+13MP Smartphone Pink[12962]

  • Q:
    Jan 27 , 2016
    Is it Chinese Version or International Version? Google Play available or not?
    by HOSNI
    It is Chinese Version. There is not Google play. We can try to install google play for you. Thanks
  • Q:
    It is in Stock and When I receive it in UAE if checking out with DHL ?   
    Jan 23 , 2016
    Hi, Is it Available and When I can receive it once payment done with DHL shipping to UAE?
    by Ahmed
    Yes, it is available.
    You can choose DHL shipping.
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